Admission Rules & Regulations:

1. School uniform is compulsory and the student must come to school in complete uniform.
2. Students must come to the school clean tidy. No boy with long hair will be allowed to attend the class.
3. Students must come punctual. They must be in the class at the first stroke of the bell.
4. No students will leave the school premises without the permission of the principal. They are not permitted to enter any other class room.
5. No students should be absent without leave letter. The leave letter should be signed by the parent /guardian and submitted to the class teacher.
6. When long leave/leave during the examinations becomes necessary due to unavoidable reasons, permission from the principal should be sought and obtained in advance.
7. Students should bring the prescribed text books, school dairy and the notebooks as per the timetable. The name, class and division of the student should be written neatly written on their belongs.
8. Students should not loiter in the school premises/class rooms. If to do so, the school will collect the damage amount from the victims.
9. Writing or scribbling on the walls/furniture or in any way cause damage to the school are strictly forbidden.
10. Gold/silver ornaments should not be worn in the school.
11. The school shall not be responsible for any loss of money, ornaments and other articles.
12. Students will not be allowed to meet the parents or visitors during the class hours without the permission of the principal.
13. For expected leave, parents have to get prior permission from the class teacher on the phone and through diary. 14. Students suffering from infections and contagious diseases shall not be permitted to attend the school until full recovery.
15. The school shall not be responsible for liabilities of an unforeseen incident like accident or illness of the student that may happen at school during the school hours.
16. The students committing serious misconduct shall be punished and compulsory TC will be issued.
17. Mobile phones are forbidden inside the school campus.
18. No students is allowed to play during the short interval time.
19. Departing and reporting from the assembly should be orderly and should follow the instruction of the leader and the teacher.
20. Only class leaders are allowed to enter the staff room
21. All the students should greet teachers
22. All the students should converse in English in the school premises to develop their language skills
23. Any student found to have taken other belongings will fall suspension SPECIAL NOTES
      1. A student absenting from a test /examination for any reason will not be re-examined
      2. A student who falls to appear for the annual examination without specific reasons will not be considered for promotion

      3. In matters of promotion and detention, the decision of the principal hall be final.
    4. Students engaging in unfair means will be recorded and proper decision will be taken by the principal and suitable punishment will be awarded.
   5. The school reserves the right to the dismiss a pupil on the grounds of irregular attendance, serious misconduct, disobedience or discourteous behavior towards teachers, any kind of malpractice or objectionable behavior, not in keeping with the good tone of the school inside the premises or elsewhere. SCHOOL TRANSPORT
             1. Transport facilities are provided for the convenience of the students. However, it is not an obligatory service of the school. 
          2. A student must travel only by the bus allocated to him/her. Change of buses will not be entertained except on genuine reasons with written permission from the school authorities
           3. Student must report their pick up points and the correct time. Otherwise the school will not be responsible for his/her having been left out.
          4. Student without school uniform will not be allowed to get into the school bus. If a student travelling in the school bus indulges in any misbehavior or act of indiscipline, he/she will be liable for punishment and not be allowed to make use of the school transport any more.
           5. The school will not own any responsibility or liability what so ever for delay, mechanical dis order, break down accidents etc during the journey to and from.
           6. Children proceeding on leave will also have to pay transport fee along with the institution fee for the period of leave.